Monday, February 19, 2018

Roger Norman Violates Mexican Federal Law, fined in recent 50th Baja 1000


July 1, 2018

By: Gary Newsome, Ensenada, B.C., Mexico

Roger Norman, the responsible butthead of the last edition of the Baja 1000, the 50th version, has been fined by the Federal Environmental Protection Agency of the Republic of Mexico, for crossing a Nature Protection Area without authorization, reported Alfonso Blancafort Camarena, representative of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Blancafort Camarena said he was not aware of the amount of the fine as it is still in process at PROFEPA, but due to the fact this is a reincidence by Score International, the criteria for a fine will be the most severe under the law. The company Roger Norman is responsible for, 'SCORE-International' is seeking an injunction against the fine and this is under legal review, said the representative. 

He stressed that Roger Norman and SCORE International, has constantly violated the environmental regulations and in none of its races where it was required to have federal authorization, has it complied with the requirements for an environmental impact report and the permits to cross the protected areas. 

In the 50 years in which these races have been held, SCORE has never had federal authorization, said Blancafort Camarena.

The reason for that is very simple. Permission has not been granted, because it has never been requested or filed for on behalf of the racing organization. Such permission is required by law, said the Semarnat official.

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 Isn't it time again for our readers anonymous comments!?

**"Was Roger 'Unwittingly' violating Mexican Federal Law?! No, Roger and SCORE consciously criminalized desert off-road racing in Baja Mexico. Each SCORE race, now must prove it is NOT a criminal enterprise.

Now the onus, the target is on the backs of every gringo racer in baja california, mexico at score races. Are YOU engaged in criminal activity? Are you violating federal law? Do you have your papers?" "Thanks Roger!"
**"I've been a law enforcement source for this publication in the past and this story is dead-on! The legal structure in Mexico and Baja California is gearing up to roll out gringos who think they can operate in Mexico without proper authorizations.

We don't allow it in the USA, the mexicans do not allow it in their country, under their laws.

CLICK HERE just one more thing - this guy was building grenades for the mexican cartels in Tijuana. The grenade factory in north county san diego was just as dangerous to baja californios as is roger norman.

Destruction of natural resources, that can't be replaced, must be stopped."
**"Thanks for letting us know whats REALLY going on! Without this site, we wouldn't have the information direct from Mexico and the ability to comment on the news, Thanks!"

**"One of the biggest problems with these SCORE-Roger Norman violations are the continued illegal activity reflected onto the common gringo tourist. That's right, the Baja locals and politicians know how many tourists don't have their 'legal' papers. They know the gringo businesses who also don't have their papers. How can International travelers be taken seriously when the exact demands the USA expects of them are not being followed by the gringos 'in-country', here in Mexico.
The locals know who you are and they will pinch you when you are here in Baja".
"Thanks Roger Norman for making living here in Mexico almost impossible!"

**"Your blog is very nice".

**"Found your blog. It is full of really good information. Thank you for sharing."

Sergio from Chula Vista:
**"Rogers mom restaurant here in Chula closed. Baja Burgers & Beer, No Mas!"

Our favorite so far:

**"Roger Norman needs to be put down! Like one of his animal trophys in his shop bar, a high powered weapon, in the baja bush at about 1200 yards while he's out looking for his meds he didn't take that day? With his mom by his side telling him, did you take your meds today roger? Roger Richy Rich???"

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