Friday, June 15, 2018

Hurricane Bud continues to strengthen and will send off-shore and pumping big waves to the Los Cabos Open of Surf

Tropical Storm Bud impacting Los Cabos now! 
CLICK HERE LIVE! From Los Cabos, BCS. Mexico

-Conditions shaping up to SURF TODAY!

-Moderate to heavy rain, winds overnight in Los Cabos. Light rain began falling on the event site, on the beach, last night just after midnight. Tropical Storm force winds will cross Baja California South, Mexico.

*Women’s competition, is back on today with a 11:00 call for a 12:00 start. Hurricane Bud put the webcast on pause but we should be up and running for a big finish on sat/sun

*Round one has been called off after heat 7 due to the arrival of tropical storm Bud. Competition will be off Thursday and event organizers are set to reconvene Friday to access conditions. Stay tuned for updates...Bud sending off-shore and pumping big waves to the Los Cabos Open of Surf.

UPDATED! Friday, June 15!

Bud became the second major hurricane of the season in the East Pacific basin on Monday morning, less than a week since former Hurricane Aletta passed over similar areas.

Bud will track toward the north-northwest the next several days, keeping the powerful tropical system off the coast of Mexico. However, it will track close enough to bring heavy rainfall to parts of the country.