Thursday, September 13, 2018

DEATH CULT The Insider Story of Racers Who Kill Racers Baja Racing News EXLCUSIVE

DEATH CULT The Insider Story               Racers Who Kill Racers

By: Gary Newsome, Publisher

Ed Herbst. Ed Herbst has killed at least two people.
He fled back across the border to the USA, to evade the law.

He killed two Baja locals in this years San Felipe 250. He then ran from the scene of the accident and didn't go to a police station, as required by law.

Why should common tourists follow the law when the racing community flaunts abuse of the law? 

Cody Parkhouse. Cody Parkhouse killed Mark Luhtalla in the 2016 Baja 1000, now he's returned to racing during the recent Vegas To Reno event, with no problems. 

Parkhouse ran into Marks rig and the crash destroyed your typical American family, the Luhtallas'.

We could assert the SCORE International organization killed Mark, but the Luhtalas and the Parkhouse families have not made their case, proving their points. [UPDATE! the Luhtalas have filed their lawsuit, September 2018]

Yes, they have spewed on social media about how they feel about the events in question.

Parkhouse claims SCORE-International put together an UNSAFE race course.

The Luhtalas claim SCORE is selling a sham racer insurance policy, operating a flim-flam 'medical response operation' and assert Roger Norman is an outright fraud.