Monday, September 24, 2018

Desert Racing Drinking & Drugs Commonplace in Desert Off-Road Racing, says Insider. Best In The Desert & SCORE

UPDATED! September 24, 2018 
Who in the recent SCORE races was shit-faced? 

There's no drug or alcohol testing! There are NO rules against abuse!

Safari Club TIJUANA CHALLENGE The LAST Tijuana Off-Road Race 2018

The Last Tijuana Off-Road Race! 2018
Apdaly Lopez was struck in the helmet by this rock during the race, thrown at him by another truck

*Marc Burnett rig runs OUT OF CONTROL into the crowd!

*Moto #37x runs into the crowd injures several race fans! 

Tijuana event Guarantees the future of Racing News Reporting, with numerous race incidents and Roger Roger "Gifting" Cammy a Trophy Truck "Award"