Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Roger Norman and SCORE-International CHOKE

As the racing community grows some balls, 
Roger Norman and SCORE International are being shown what CHUMPS the racing sanction really is>>> 

Monday, October 15, 2018


UPDATED! November 14, 2018

"It’s a big Bronco news day, as we’ve just received a fascinating tip that the 2020 Ford Bronco will be just one (albeit the halo model) of an entire sub-brand of vehicles and one that encompasses the “Baby Bronco.” 

What we’re being told is that the vehicle in the latest leaked image shows the “Bronco-(TBD)” a.k.a. the “Baby Bronco” and that Ford plans to have a full line of off-road capable SUVs that are named “BRONCO” with the full-size version (the one we are all waiting for) being the flagship of the lineup. The tipster goes on to say that larger Bronco flagship model will be what brings people into the showrooms and the smaller leaked vehicle, similarly sized to the Jeep Renegade, will be marketed to the masses for those looking for a more affordable version. 

Both models will allegedly be released within a few months of each other so it may not be long before we have not one, but two next-gen Ford Bronco vehicles in the showrooms! A leaked image which comes by way of a Ford dealer meeting held in Las Vegas last month just gave us our first look at Ford’s upcoming new “Baby Bronco” but it also hides a secret tease of the 2020 Ford Bronco! First posted images which it claims was found on a public area of Ford’s website which hosted pictures of the 2018 dealer meeting in Vegas, and the site claims these show the 2020 Ford Bronco. Not only have we confirmed through our sources that the vehicle in the image is the yet-unnamed “Baby Bronco” but our eagle eyed members pointed out that the side profile image shows a shadow on the wall that does not match the profile of the vehicle. 

We’ve outlined the Bronco’s shadow in the image above.The shadow shows a boxier, more upright vehicle that exactly matches the 2020 Bronco teaser image that Ford released back in March, while the orange vehicle shown in these latest leaked images looks closer to the “Baby Bronco” teaser. This provides not only a great preview of the Bronco’s silhouette but also a comparison overlay of the size and shape differences between the two vehicles.This conclusively settles it — this image teases both the 2020 Ford Bronco silhouette and the upcoming Baby Bronco.  We expect both to debut early next year, possibly as early as the Detroit Auto Show in January 2019."

NEW FORD Bronco to debut at San Diego International Car & Truck Show EXCLUSIVE!

"Drivetrain options are still being looked at with Ford’s market research in full-tilt. We should hear more about the drivetrain come next year, but the company is paying very close attention to the market’s response to VW’s Dieselgate scandal and the Colorado MT and Diesel sales.

It’s unlikely, however, that the new entry-level truck line would forgo an EcoBoost option due to the marketing forces behind the name. Transmission options have not been nailed down yet, but the poster mentioned that Ford was taking a good look at a 10-speed automatic transmission. Maybe Bronco fans were asking for manual options, but the current market forces highly favor the 8 – 10 speed transmissions. It would seems that both good news and bad news is coming out of the announcement as many truck fanatics had hoped for different news on some fronts. The FORD Bronco may not be the next Wrangler-killer and the Ford Ranger is not poised to change in size at all. At any rate, there’s plenty to be excited about concerning the midsize truck market in the coming years."