Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Ensenada, the town that blows Roger Norman for the Baja 1000 is OUT OF GAS!


Dec. 14th:

Ensenada officials are saying this morning, "SCORE underpayed" for this years event, which in turn has made the city insolvent.

Municipal Ensenada depends on tourism revenue to pay for city delivered services. Problem is, starting six years ago, those tourism revenues are no longer paying for the amount of services delivered during the event.

The local press, newspaper and radio for years now are saying directly, certain state representatives have been paid directly by SCORE. Not the government which provides services, the governor himself, through illegal payoffs.

These claims are now established fact and common knowledge here in Ensenada, Baja Mexico.    

Department administrators are quoted in the local press as saying they were ordered to provide more services during the last two SCORE races, which were not payed for, leaving Ensenada, bankrupt. 

City union officials are also saying on local radio, that payoffs to the state governor have become more important than keeping gas in the tanks of police cars and police holiday bonuses. MORE>>>  

Original Report; Dec. 12: Two police agencies, the Ensenada municipal police and the ministerial police in the rural areas of Ensenada have no gasoline for their patrol cars.

Also the year-end bonuses, which are required by law to be paid by December 10, were not paid in full. Only about 1/4th of what was due was paid.

Gracias Gringos! Merry FuckMas SCORE Racers...


Gary Newsome, Publisher
From BAJA Headquarters
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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

black cammondos return to baja california mexico baja racing news live

Four young people were kidnapped by 'Black Commandos' at a 'roadblock' on the highway between Tecate and Tijuana

Four young people have been kidnapped at a commando roadblock on a public highway between Tecate and Tijuana 

Baja California Mexico citizens are being asked to provide any information on the location of four young people who went missing on November 30, 2018.

They were in a white 2012 Honda Civic. According to their families, the missing people were driving from Tecate to Tijuana and stopped at a roadblock. Nothing more is known of them. Their cellphones as well as the GPS in the Honda are turned off.  The vehicle they were travelling in was later found burned up outside of Ensenada, in Ensenada County, Baja California, Mexico. 

They were toursists driving home after a visit to the Cava Garcia Winery in Tecate. is developing this story>>>

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