Tuesday, May 07, 2019

Yolie Stover says, "the SCORE Baja 500 is disaster", "its FOOOOOKED!"

Fugly Yolie Stover "SCORE es FOOOOKED!"

Yolie Stover, news reporter, reported, The 2019 Baja 500 is not one to spectate, “mal (bad)” and “it’s not traditional.”

 “The local businesses are going to have less customers,” said Yolie Stover, “and the entrance and exit to the new venue is only one lane.” “Ughhhh!” Stover said, “Now, imagine local traffic plus the visitors.” “That is going [to be a] CLUSTERFOOOOK!” said one racer. “If you thought being crowded downtown was bad, how do you think it is going to be getting into or anywhere near Estero?!” “Can the resort handle that large of a crowd?” Stover questioned. "I know Estero’s parking area is a huge lot, but it sucks because there’s no restaurants to get food close by,” Stover said.

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