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KING OF BAJA 1000 2019 LIVE!

RACE UPDATE! Wednesday, Oct 23

Roger Norman shames desert off-road racing community, by bailing on historic race course and sucking dick of another shit loop event!

Racers ashamed by SCORE Fail!

RAce Director: "the first 12 miles or so of the race controlled by a Speed Zone Areas, no 80 MPH runs through the Ensenada river wash at Calle 8. we removed the man-made jump (rampa) at Calle 8".

Andy McMillin: "My family has been racing Baja for years, Roger needs to sell SCORE and get the hell out of Baja Mexico racing!".

Ensenada Mayor: "The original race course was good, SCORE failed to follow through on its promises, AGAIN!"

Gabriel Garcia: "our reporting on this story, here in Ensenada, says the fees for the original course were not high, the Mexican officials who talked with SCORE say Norman is breaking long standing deals, maybe he is now ready to sell SCORE".

"Maybe it wasn't the fees, maybe Roger is sick of the negotiations and the nickle and dime fees the goverment is requiring to race in protected areas".

"Roger had to pay out the nose for rolling his Baja 1000 course through the Cirio cactus areas and now he's pissed off".

RACE BULLETIN!  October 20

SCORE International underfunded! Can't afford to pay the government fees for driving north, bails on historic race course, first proposed

UPDATED October 18

KING OF BAJA 1000 2019
LIVE! Event begins Nov. 18!

Publishers Note:

The organizer of this event (Roger Normans SCORE) and the governments of Baja California (State) and Ensenada (City-County) are incapable of following international law, securing safe conditions for its people (because it cuts into Rogers PROFITS
nor telling the truth.

We are huge fans of desert racing.

So, you'll find our reporting a mix of a celebration of the sport and confrontational journalism.

Some updates across our platform, include Crazy Baja News, Roger PORKING race results and the Drunk and Stupid race support stories.

During our coverage of this particular racing event, we'll spotlight how badly Roger Norman and the desperate local authorities will allow insane, unsafe but so very entertaining  -

Gary Newsome


From October 18:
Who's Gonna Die?
Mark Luhtalla? Kurt Caselli?
The American child at the Baja 500?
A Monster Energy Promo-Girl?

No, they're already Dead!!!

Who's Gonna Die at this
SCORE Baja Event???

From October 6:
Race Teams Rumors!

**Casey Mears Denies Nascar coming to Mexico!

"The problem is we can't get the type of insurance needed to bring millions of dollars worth of racing equipment to Mexico".

"But, Doug Fortin Junior is chosen by the Nascar Series driver, to be his relay aboard the Axalta Racing Trophy Truck during the Fall classic.

Junior has 3 overall wins within 1000 miles, 1997, 2001 and 2003, which will bring his experience toMears and Axalta after last years Bacal disaster."

**Dan McMillin invited to race with Ryan Arcierro after his ride burns to the ground after the last event! Insider Interview LOADING>>>

 LIVE! BAJA 1000 2019 BEGINS November 18


UPDATE Sunday, Sept. 29

KING OF BAJA 1000 2019
Race Course Released!
September 28, 2019

Counter-clockwise course run, south out of Ensenada to the coast, across the interior to the canyons of San Felipe.

Loop race event, covering 799 racing miles. 

North out near the village of San Felipe, that sits along the Sea of Cortez, the course runs through the desert canyons and vast wastes of Laguna Salada. 

BajaRacingClub will be located at KM 26 on the HighWay starting November 21, to the haunted La Rumorosa grade.

Baja 500 2015
"TOTAL COVERAGE". Down La Rumorosa!

This event (November 2019), is scheduled to run UP, the grade of the Sierra de Juarez and through the vaunted Pine Forest and into the Finish Line at Ensenada.

(Video)The 2008 SCORE Baja 1000 and the death legends of the area, are For Real!

Is it the first time ever, going up in elevation from the desert floor climbing the escarpment in the northern sierras/Sierra de Juarez?

Here's the video! UP the grade!
SPEEDMex made famous! 

The La Rumorosa Hollywood Shoots-Ghosts! CLICK HERE


SCORE Pre-Running begins on Saturday, Oct 26.

RaceWeek starts on Monday, November 18 at 4PM on OFF-ROAD LIVE! 

RaceDay on Friday, November 22, starts at 4 AM for the bikes, 10:30 AM for the four-wheel racers.

Two (2) sportsman bypasses, with over 100 miles bypassed.

La Rumorosa Notes

The Haunted Old Road, La 'Rumorosa' grade.

BAJA 1000 2008 PreRuns DOWN The Grade 

Baja Safari CLICK HERE describes how the region got its name and legend.

Baja Racing News
Official Pre-Runs 
start Sunday, September 29
 with SPEEDMex

Here's a description of the same area from a 1995 pre-run; Courtesy of SPEEDMex:
"SWITCHBACKS FROM HELL The run down to the desert floor from the La Rumarosa dump was exhilarating, to say the least. The Sierra Juarez escarpment is a virtual 4000-foot drop to the Laguna Salada basin -- all of which can be seen where the so-called road disappears before ones very eyes. Imagine God's great ice cream scoop gouging out the mountain side down to sea level.

As the La Rumarosa dump is cleared a vista of immense proportion appears. Laguna Salada and the eastern-bounding Sierra Cocopahs lay far below, as if viewed from a Phoenix-bound 737. But you are, rather, on the edge of a solid earth-bound escarpment and can barely see the vertical face of the granite fault line that lies below you.

The vista is intimidating. It is as if you were on a window of a skyscraper and planned on driving down the face of the adjoining building, switching back and forth, ledge to ledge, to the rocks below. The cut-rock course, freshly-bladed (by who knows w ho ... he was not paid nearly enough) zig-zags across the imposing granite wall.

Switchbacks lead to switchbacks which lead to more switchbacks, all of which drop off into near-vertical talus slopes. An outer edge occupant cannot even see the next two switchbacks down below as the driver hugs the inner wall. One-eighty-degree turns require backing up by longer cars. Portions of the "road" had enough exposure ... vertical drops ... such that any reasonable imagination could envision a fall that would kill one from fright -- before the impact some hundreds of feet below.

Old wash-outs are loosely filled in. Outer berms are buttressed with a few stones. Nothing could prevent the a car from plummeting, plunging into the abyss. Imagine racing down Bright Angel Trail into the Grand Canyon. With Tom Koch hammering on your bumper. It would be difficult to argue that acrophobia -- the fear of heights -- is unreasonable. As they joke, it's not the fall, it's the sudden stop at the end that gets you.

No, it is the THINKING about it! Or riding along with someone else. Even someone as adept as Diehl. Tellier later remarked that he thought that he had been frightened before but this slow crawl down the face was it. Diehl thought it would have been better if Tony had not hit the throttle pedal with his foot on a switchback.

Ron Brandt was reported to have had to back up several times in "Blackie" to get around. Pete's Camp "jefe" Rafael Navarro remarked that this road was the original route from Mexicali to TJ. "Buses would meet and have to back up ... or down ... to a wide spot." Walking would seem safer and certainly less stressful. Cutting brakes WILL be required.

After the chance of death dropped to an acceptable 50-50 proposition, the course passed by a decrepit aluminum trailer peopled by tequila-swilling locals. The cars then dropped into a reed-filled black-water swamp several football fields in length. Boun ded on both sides by fifteen-foot high bulrushes, avoiding the axle-deep ruts appeared to be cause for concern as angular granite boulders were everywhere. This section ought to be well-RotoTilled come race morning. Water proof everything!


Get down to the desert floor cleanly and you will be on the road to a good finish. Get behind the power curve on the plateau and making up time will be difficult. Not impossible, of course. Just difficult. SAME OLD STUFF After the junked T-Bird the course heads out to the old T94 dry lake road to Cohobuzo Junction, the two Salada and Oasis access points, the Crack of Doom and the usual Borrego crossing. Kirk and Rick tore the sidewall out of a "Baja" on a buried rock just past the La Ventana well field. Ever notice how the flats and the trees and the stickers come on the passenger's side?" 

Apologies, to Tony Tellier.



The REAL ‘What About You?’!

How many of you will not be coming home after the race? Dead and Gone.

Read on Brother. Don’t just expect the worst out of yourself. You're racing in Baja-Mexico, “The Most Notorious and Dangerous Racing in the World”. Expect the worst from everyone else on the road!

It’s time to race and LIVE! 

“No eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn”.

- Sleep until you can’t sleep any more. 

- Sleep before you cross the border.
- Eat likes it’s your last meal. It might be!
- Know your driving limits. 

- No booze or nothin’ else, unless you want to race Death!

More Loading every day until the Baja 1000 race GOES LIVE ON November 18...

SPEED Mex is taking orders for complete race services for the 2019 Baja 1000, November 18-24 2019, at Ensenada, Baja California. 

Media Support and Race Team Services are available. Book now, deadline for service provision is October 29.


KING OF BAJA 1000 2019

The late Jessi Combs (L) was the co-dog in this disaster, directing the driver Paige Sohren (R) off of the race course and into an earthen crevasse. Pete Sohren would not let this navigational fuck-up derail his team. He directed the team out of the disaster and across the finish line, for an official finish in the event!



KING OF BAJA 1000 2019

Gary Newsome, Publisher
Offices in Ensenada, Baja California Mexco

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