Sunday, September 08, 2019

Miss LIVE MINT 400 2020, Ladies, Enter Today!

Miss LIVE MINT 400 2020 Enter Today! 

Complete Information HERE>>>

Ladies, Enter Today!

*OPENS September 7, 2019*

The Miss LIVE MINT 400 2020 contestants are  open to "Any Gal In The World". 
Any age, nationality, religion and any attitude!

From any location ON THE GLOBE!

Isn't it time we break the old forms of 'beauty' contests?! And everything's FREE!

No requirements! No need to be present to win!

Easy to apply, simply text to 619.251.6500 text 2020.

Whatever you send or present will be the basis of the choice of the next Miss LIVE MINT 400 2020!

As an example, send a picture of your dog, cool. 
Send a picture of your pussy, OK.
Art, your shoes, ANYTHING!
Pictures, Videos and YOU!

Get It?!

Miss LIVE MINT 400 2020 will be chosen on the total information presented. 

*Yes, you can visit us LIVE!*
We'll be in Las Vegas, Nevada USA
for the LIVE! MINT 400 2020
March 1st through the 10th. 

All materials presented, other than your original application text are required to be sent to

*ENTRIES CLOSE on __________,2020*
*WILL BE AWARDED on the night of 
Saturday, March 7, 2020 at 7PM WEST* 

The Prizes?! Will be announced HERE>>>

Presented by SaloonPro
We Know How To Party!

Stay Tuned HERE for UPDATES   

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