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FORD Bronco-R Prototype FAILS BAJA 1000! EXCLUSIVE RACE BULLETIN! FORD Performance Geiser Brothers Desert Assassins FAIL Bronco-R Prototype EXCLUSIVE!

The "hit by a trophy truck" story

POST BAJA 1000 2019 RaceWeek
November 30, 2019
From The Capital Of Off-Road
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

UPDATED! November 30:

Our Fans Remember DAS FAIL, THE VW Touareg.



He can't believe Ford is going to pay him through 2022!

FORD ADMITS, through factual exclusion,
that their 10 speed transmission failed.

Ford states, "engine...and chassis" didn't have any problems. Nowhere in the proceedings has the manufacturer said the transmission accomplished its goal, in this project. 

The 'Mystique' of the Bronco-R powertrain and transmission, EXPOSED!

Many Ford aficionados now believe under that New Bronco skin is a 2.7L EcoBoost engine, with the 10 speed transmission. Accomplished by observing three important facts of the engine compartment by the SCG Boot team in the Baja desert.

The engine was further identified by 1. Bracket, 2. oil cooler and 3. the casting marks.

Experts have come to the conclusion that this is 
the 'Bronco Raptor' under the new Bronco R skin.

So, the Bronco-'R', has a double meaning. 'R' for Racing prototype and 'R' for Raptor.

The Racing Dealio

While the Bronco-R team made a series of disastrous decisions, a 40 year-old classic Bronco finished well before the time limit in their class 3.

The classic Bronco beat the class 2 SCG Boot by almost 3 1/2 hours coming in 96th overall out of 275 entries.

The failed Ford BroncoR team, couldn't make the finish line within the racing time allowed, 34 hours!

"With an army of top-flight drivers, co-drivers, mechanics, engineers, media guests, PR and marketing staff, the Ford folks were everywhere in Baja (for the race). That didn’t help when myriad of apparently non-production parts and silly mistakes like too light of a skid plate (they had to fabricate one in the field using a nearby stop sign) forced the team to quit and head back to Ensenada."

What's currently in the public domain:  

Recent Emmissions [**]:

*"A 4x4 f150 2.7 v6 chassis went to Geiser Bros and they bolted on a f150 long travel kit and built the rest."

*"The shell rode on top of a purpose-built, roll-caged race truck, with a stock motor, transmission, transfer case and front differential; the "race rear end" and other add-ons were not from the Ford stables. Ford confirmed that the engine and transmission in the Bronco R are the same components that will be in the 2021 Ford Bronco."*

*In Mexico, on their singular pre-run the team knew they had problems, "the(Bronco)"R" had been experiencing issues with its added-on race bits. Its first high-speed pre-run earlier in "Valle de T" had illuminated the need for more time and testing. All involved knew those were a limited commodity but, as the long, mud-splattered hood was removed, tools were placed at-the-ready and a team of experts filled every available orifice the Bronco R has to fix its teething troubles. Electrical wiring was replaced in an effort to remediate issues with fuses and the cooling system of the race vehicle that was developed in skunkworks (FORD Performance) only five months before". 

*"but (I) noted that the team spent the last 40 minutes of the drive frequently instructing me to push an override switch control, as an ominous red warning light illuminated the dark.
As we pulled it into the make-shift workshop behind the La Pinta hotel, (in downtown Ensenada) where a team was waiting to apply fixes and address the overheating issues".

*"By race mile 495 the passenger-side lower control arm, spindle and CV joint had given up the ghost. Again, it was the Steele's Desert Assassins chase crew to the rescue, replacing what could be replaced and welding everything that couldn't. When the Bronco R took off two hours later with Rod Hall's granddaughter and experienced off-road racer Shelby Hall behind the wheel, it had a new CV and axle, new tie rods and uniballs with welded up A-arms and freshly bled brakes. Mind you, all that happened in about two hours in the middle of the course".*

*"According to Ford, it suffered a number of unfortunate issues during the race, including being hit by a trophy truck. The car also suffered a serious transmission leak, a broken lower control arm and cooling fan issues, which eventually resulted in its retirement."* 

Blogger and Ford taco eater Mike Levine:
"the factory parts on the Bronco R "performed flawlessly. No engine or chassis issues", it was only aftermarket bits that faltered."

"The bronco’s big problem was caused by the skid plate movement caused by the collision[with a Trophy Truck?]; and the transmission fluid leak was caused by the broken skidplate; it wasn’t noticed until the 2nd stop, afterwards."

"according to Ford spokesman Mike Levine, the team was able to repair a broken skid plate, a busted control arm["broken lower right control arm"] [RM480 Tie rod (maybe rack?)], and a few other unspecified issues before being forced to call it quits" AND "The Ford BroncoR had a cooling fan issue 580 miles in. The team is (was) at Pit 5 for a quick repair."

Ford Performance had no further updates on its progress following the Pit 5 information. EXCLUSIVE Reporting!

At the Mike's Sky Rancho road and Highway 3 crossing, the Bronco-R pulled off the race course for an extended stay.

Reporting on site at that moment, our reporter said the FORD Performance people conducted an extensive surgery, taking hours, on the racing Bronco drivetrain.

The transmission was changed out. 

UPDATE November 27:

During that time, this video of the 'driver of record' was taken in Ensenada at the finish line, after Cameron had run the #14 into the finish:

In the video at 2:25 in, Cameron admits he needs a nap, still thinking the Bronco R could cross the finish line. But, he did not attempt to drive the Bronco-R to the finish line, instead, he took his nap and went homey home.

"Is it time for San Felipe yet?"
Cameron Steele, with the FORD Bronco-R still gasping for breath in the middle of the Baja desert, dying in the Baja 1000 2019. He was the driver of record.

Nighty-Nite, Cameron. Benjamins dancin' in his head!

Cameron Steele had three plans for this event. He would race the #16, which failed. And, he would run the #14, which placed 15th in the trophy trucks class. Third, he would coast the FORD Bronco racing rig to Desert Assassin victory, across the finish line.

Financially, he took RJ's money$ to race the #16, he took Bobby Pecoy's money$$ as a partner in the #14 and of course, the Ford bundle $$$. 

Typical hair-brained Scam Steele planning.

As Cameron himself states in the video above, it was not a good plan, because he failed the #16 truck, ignoring coolant loss, flubbed to 15th place in the #14 truck and never made it to the Bronco-R, to drive it to the finish line. 

Baja had taken so much out of him, he went home to San Clemente to sleep with all those Ford frog-skins, hundred dollar bills, Benjamins'. 

He's under contract through 2022 right? He doesn't give a shit, typical desert racing performance, "I got their money".

When the team found out Cameron had retreated home, they lost all hope at Campo SaldaƱa and threw in the towel, they withdrew from the racing event.

'OFFICIAL' Explanations, so far

"We had several challenges during the race, including:· Getting hit and becoming stuck after a trophy truck hit the Raptor in San Quetin (Quentin) Wash near race mile 190. That’s desert racing!· This damaged a skid plate that also led to damaging the transmission cooling lines. We fixed the skid plate at Pit 2 but didn’t catch the transmission leak until after it started slipping. It made it to Pit 3. This took several hours to repair.· Around race mile 480 we broke a fabricated lower control arm. This was replaced but took another 90 minutes or so.· Ran into aftermarket cooling fan issues around race mile 580. By the time it was repaired at Pit 5 it was about 8:30 at night. The next portion was challenging and risky to get help on the course if something happened, and we’d likely wouldn’t finish until after the official time limit expired."

Then the team spit in the face of racers everywhere

The team put the failed Bronco-R on the trailer and raced for the finish line in Ensenada, at times, driving well over the posted speed limit on the federal highway and local town streets in Ensenada.

One member of the team told, the team manager Johnny Campbell was on a mission to place the failed Ford abortion in front of the finishing SCG Boot on the riser at the finish line.

They stalked the SCG Boot as it made its way into town.

Many members of the team were perplexed.

Then you have the paid-off, witless press.

Sue Mead, said,
"From there, the Bronco R was able to be driven on paved roads to the finish line in Ensenada, where the team celebrated its efforts and Ford formally announced its sponsorship of SCORE racing for the next three years."

Ms. Mead, you aged old hag!

Emme Hall, said,
"Though Ford didn't take the checkered flag, it was able to get photos of the prototype on the podium and speak to the announcement made earlier, that Ford would be the official truck and SUV of Score through 2022."

Ms. Hall, you ignorant slut!

UPDATE November 26:

Continued Proof of Amateurs

Proving out the lack of professionalism on the part of the Ford Bronco R racing team, 
the action of taking the trailered and wiithdrawn Bronco-R to the finish line, then putting it on the podium right in front of the class 2 winning SCG Boot! 

Some say it was in poor taste.  Por Favor!

Others, didn't know what to make of the "PR stunt"...
"someone at Ford or SCORE or both decided it was OK to have the Bronco cross the finish line and take official photographs. While there were no checkered flags to be seen, with all due respect the PR stunt was a completely inauthentic move, and disrespectful of every other race team that had literally poured their lives into reaching Ensenada and earning their right to enjoy time in the spotlight as official finishers." 

Inauthentic? PR stunt?  You missed the 'winners flag', complete with checkers, draped on the front of the rig!

This was a classic 'DB' Douche-Bag move!

On the riser, before the SCG Boot arrived,  
"In the interview they even called themselves "unofficial finishers"... then someone draped the winners flag over the hood and it was quickly pulled off." 

That action alone, showed how unprofessional this Ford Performance Bronco R team is.

AND they took a picture, to prove their idiocy!

The infamous proof! The 'DNF' Pic!!! These guys dnf'ed and did this, put the Bronco-R in front of the finishing SCG Boot, then took pictures as proof of their 'accomplishment'. UNREAL.

Here's the video! Shame on FORD Performance.
Impossible to forget moving forward.

Oh, our mistake, that's right, these clowns are paid through 2022 to run SCORE!

That's why they have those stupid, shit-eating grins!

Everybody already knows what a WHORE SCORE operation this series is, but now we have to include,  the FORD WHORES!

While that photo was being taken, reportedly, the driver of record, Cameron Steele, was back in the USA with his family.

Why the 'Racing Scene' video?
We'll be looking to the past, to 
determine what to expect in the future...

"111 Years Of Desert Racing", 
The Dusty Dream Continues 

Join Us! BAJA 1000 2020 Now!

UPDATE November 25:

In interviews over the Baja 1000 event, FORD specialists were asked to provided their view on the FORD Bronco-R prototype. 

Several, FORD off-road build experts in San Felipe, Baja Mexico during the race, as the FORD Bronco-R ran the course, "it didn't make the cut-off time for the San Felipe SCORE checkpoint", "the team was scrambling to make repairs and get it going again, it clearly had problems", he said. The expert continued, "the suspension looked frail, for an event like the Baja 1000, the FORD Bronco-R did not have the correct equipment".

The Ford off-road expert continued, "it missed the checkpoint cut-off time, it had a frail suspension, the team was working on it from the mountains down to the desert floor, I think they might have changed out the transmission on the highway after the Mike's rancho road traverse".

In Ensenada, before the race began, the people surrounding the program were questioned because of their sordid pasts. "Everyone knows Cam Steele's wierd Baja roots, like the Santa Marta money scam". Others saw how low the rig sat at the start and how underpowered it was, "the FORD Bronco-R sounded like a kids rubberband powered toy boat, pathetic", said one racer. 

A high-level American FORD dealer at the Baja 1000 over the weekend said, "The people Ford chose for this project must be questioned. Such a high profile project and a huge, dismal failure can only be attributed to the decision making of the leadership of FORD Motor Company and those who ran the rig in Mexico".

"I hope this doesn't hurt my stock portfolio", an American FORD dealer in Mexico. 

UPDATE November 24: 

The FORD Bronco-R Racing Prototype is on a trailer, on its way back to Ensenada, Baja California Mexico, after failing to finish in the 52nd Baja 1000. The 2019 effort was a partnership with Cameron Steele of the 'Desert Assassins'. Also included in the effort was Johnny Campbell Racing of Temecula, California, Geiser Brothers of Arizona and the Ford Performance office in Detroit, Michigan.

FORD Bronco-R, on a trailer back to the start area of the BAJA 1000 2019, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. At 8:15 PM PT, the failed racing prototype is being hauled through Valley Trinidad in Baja California, after failing to finish the Baja 1000 off road racing event.

From the Ford Media Center before the disaster: November 4, 2019: "The Bronco R race prototype – developed by Ford Performance in collaboration with Geiser Performance of Phoenix – was built in part to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Bronco claiming the only overall 4x4 win to date at the Baja 1000 in 1969."

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