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DAKAR 2020 Kingdom Of Sand Event Central

Event Coverage UPDATE: Dec. 7, 2019

Baja Racing Friends Enter Dakar 2020

N°519 Ikuo Hanawa / Class: T4.2 : Modified Trucks

The Japanese racer Ikuo Hanawa remembered in Baja racing for his participation in the Baja 1000, is ready for his debut in the Dakar Rally 2020 in Saudi Arabia in the Hino Sugawara team.

They are entered in the truck category, together with his co-pilot Yudai Hanawa and his mechanic Mayumi Kezuka.  
Good Luck Friends!

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Event Coverage UPDATE: Dec. 6, 2019

Dakar contestants are shipping off from France over the two weeks

France-Technical inspections, event preparations, packaging & shipping are rapidly wrapping here in Europe.

We'll post some of our seafaring media as we get underway.

One very big surprise coming from the Asian continent, our new ride! Thank you Peugeot, for an amazing new level of speed and technology. We'll chase the rally for the next month and a half LIVE!

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December 4: Dakar 2020 teams are shipping out to the middle east from the very familiar port at France to Saudi Arabia, through the Suez Canal, this week.

For the first time in a decade, the travel trip to the start of the rally won't take a month. Rather, it will take one week, at most.

Considering the travel through the Mediterranean Sea and the canal and ultimately the Red Sea, is a destination on the Arabian peninsula. 

The port destination for the start of the rally, is very much like that of the Baja Mexico peninsula. We'll be reporting on how much similiarity there exists between these destinations.

Baja Safari is your Gateway to Adventure! 
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Event Coverage UPDATE: Dec. 3, 2019

Where is the Finish Line in Saudi Arabia, 
What is The Goal?

Our two month long investigative work is focused on Qiddya, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 
The ultimate finish line of the DAKAR 2020.

We'll explore the human dynamics and rocky, earthy structures on which Saudi’s 'capital of entertainment, sports and arts', the kingdom wishes to rise.

Is economic development the ULTIMATE GOAL of the House of Saud? 



Event Coverage Start: December 2, 2019 ; DAKAR 2020

Introducing our coverage of the 
"Kingdom Of Sand", DAKAR 2020

The route of the 42nd edition of the ASO/Dakar, which will start in Jeddah on January 5, 2020 and conclude 12 stages later in Qiddiyah near the Saudi capital of Riyadh, begins the third chapter of adventure for the ASO/DAKAR. 

With an overall distance close to 7,900km, the competitors will battle over 5,000km of special stages. In addition to discovering the Saudi Arabian dunes, which will be featured in the second-half of the rally, the first-half of the Dakar will take the crews through a labyrinth of tracks where navigation skills will be essential.

The change of continent will come with rule changes aimed to stay true to the founding principles of the rally raid, a discipline that allows amateurs to rub shoulders and sometimes battle with professionals. The new roadbooks and the new marathon stages will help reduce the gaps. 



DAKAR 2020 'The Kingdom Of Sand'

The official entry list for the 2020 DAKAR includes 351 vehicles (vs 334 in 2019): 170 bikes and quads, 134 cars and SSVs and 47 trucks. Port of entry Jeddah, This fishing village dating back to the 7th Century has become one of the busiest ports in the world. 

On Tuesday, December 3 and Wednesday, December 4, port departures from France, will begin the travel adventure for drivers, teams, equipment and rally vehicles. On Sunday, January 5th, the second largest city in the realm will be the starting point of the 2020 Dakar and will more importantly signify the immediate entry into the difficulties of the rally.

DAKAR 2020 LIVE! Webcast Rally Schedule 

The first third of the rally will test the navigation skills of the riders and crews. The direction choices will be made more complicated by the multitude of tracks. Near the Red Sea or the Jordanian border for the stages around Neom then towards Al Ula, it will be the navigators who will lead the way. With more and more sand, the course will pose major challenges in the dunes between Ha’il and the capital Riyadh, where there will be a rest day. 

The rally will continue and intensify with the discovery and exploration of the vast “Empty Quarter” desertic portion of the Saudi territory where the all-important Shubaytah and Haradh stages will be contested. But the general classification will not necessarily be set in stone heading into the final Qiddiyah stage, where navigation could catch out even the best.

In these unexplored regions of the rally-raid universe, another wrinkle of the 42nd edition also comes from the desire to rebalance the parameters in favour of the less professional entries. New colour-coded roadbooks will be handed out just minutes prior to the start of the timed sector on several stages to precisely deprive the competitors with the biggest teams of a competitive advantage. Similarly, the introduction of a "Super Marathon" stage for motorcycles (only top-pilots) where only 10 minutes of work on the machines will be allowed, making vehicle management crucial, as well as the more traditional marathon stage (imposed on all vehicles) that will conclude the day before the finish. 

In order to allow the less experienced to continue their learning process, a “joker” will be granted (in all categories) to competitors forced to retire. They will be permitted to re-join the rally in the “Dakar Experience” classification.

Adventurers of the world’s deserts are invited to our 'Kingdom Of Sand', with our famous minute-by-minute LIVE! ONLINE coverage, 
Exclusively here, on

Over a Decade and Millions of satisfied viewers

Some have even experienced near religious experiences enjoying our DAKAR event coverage! 
The DAKAR rally-raid events attracts those in quest of the extreme. Life & Death. 

Many are unfamiliar with the 20th Century ('Chapter I'), while others discovered the faith in the early 2000s then followed their passions to South America ('Chapter II') and are now present, 
here at the dawn of 'Chapter III'.
The Arabian peninsula. 

Saudi Arabia does not allow Booze, Video games and Gambling, All phones, Cigars, All Christmas Decorations, All foodstuffs made with blood, Anything related to the military, particularly night-vision equipment, Herbal Tea, Nutmeg Fruit and Pork. 

"We decided to pass on traveling."
eBlack Media

The Dakar Rally leaves South America to start a new era in the Middle East in 2020 after signing a five-year deal with Saudi Arabia.

Dakar organizer ASO has run the world’s most famous rally raid in South America since 2009, a move brought about by terrorist threats in Mauritania that forced the cancellation of the 2008 event – the last in Africa. 

This year’s Dakar was the first to run entirely within one country – Peru – after South American neighbours Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia failed to find agreement with ASO. While one more South American edition was understood to be an option, continued economic uncertainty forced negotiations in the Middle East and South Africa. Former race director Etienne Lavigne outlined the difficulties in January. Lavigne said: “The truth is that we have the pressure to propose a project for 2020 and beyond as soon as possible.“In three or four months, if we don’t know how to recover the desire [for the event], we have to change course – we cannot afford a situation like the last months.” 

The first year of a five-year agreement means the rally starts from Riyadh in January, providing the necessary stability for ASO. This year’s Dakar winner Nasser Al-Attiyah says: “We are very happy to have the Dakar in our region. I will be in Saudi Arabia in 30 minutes [from his home in Qatar].“We love South America, the people there, the incredible countries they have, but we have to respect the decisions of the organisers.“ Like when we changed from Africa to South America, we were not happy, we wanted to continue [in Africa], but we quickly adapted to South America.“ Exactly the same thing that will happen with the Middle East, because it is a big market too.” 

Some have questioned how the Saudi Arabia will manage the arrival of hundreds of foreigners, having only started issuing tourist visas at the end of 2018, as well as female competitors, team members, organizers and journalists. Al-Attiyah is confident the region will deliver, stating “sport is above politics” with exceptions made to adapt to the presence of the Dakar. The Toyota driver continued: “I did the Cross Country Hail Rally twice in Saudi Arabia and it’s an amazing place with kind people. I’m sure the Dakar will be great in our region.“The plan seems to be a 100 percent year in Saudi Arabia and then try to go to other countries like Oman, Jordan or Egypt.” 

Saudi Arabia’s not short of terrain for the Dakar, with 1.4 million square miles of Arabian desert to work with, along with the Asir mountain range where temperatures range from -2 to 30 degrees Celsius in January.



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