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Pistol Pete Sohren and Cowboy Bob Sohren to be Inducted into BAJA Racing HALL Of Fame in April

The BAJA Racing HALL Of Fame Hereby Announces 'Pistol Pete Sohren and his father, 'Cowboy' Bob Sohren will be Inducted into the Hall during Induction Ceremonies in April. Details will be announced here.

The BAJA Racing Community was shocked to hear the news this day, of the passing of 'Pistol' Pete Sohren on the sand dunes of San Felipe, Baja California Mexico. We respect the thoughts and feelings of the Sohren Family, his friends and the desert racing community to mourn this great racer, when the HALL Of Fame will provide additional details about  the April Induction Ceremony.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone graced by the great Pistol Pete and his family.

Click Here for Induction Details as they become available

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BAJA Racing Hall Of Fame

"The CageMatch of Desert Racing", UPDATES 51 Entries and NO QUALIFYING!

Joe Dirt loves to trench!

UPDATED! January 30, 2019

UPDATE: January 18, 2019!


Dave 'Flippy Floppy' Cole

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It takes 2.1 miles of chain link to fence in the 'Cage Match' of Desert Racing!

"Hammer Town", where the OFF-ROAD LIVE! NATION meets in February, needs a huge foot print. The LIVE! NATIONAL PowerHouse MONSTER Mike CUP is 1/2 square mile or 332 acres, within the cage!

5 miles of cable gets buried in trenches connected to 3 diesel power stations capable of 1/2 a megawatt of electricity. 100,000 square feet indoor space is provided under tents. 

Four (4) miles of snow fence and two (2) miles of bike fence is used at the girls back door, her chocolate thunder and the Destructo Desert Invitational, the Off-Road "unlimited trophy-trick truck" Cage Match areas.

Bull-Sheet control last year was 150 truck loads for a total of 600,000 gallons of water.

UPDATED! January 20, 2019

The current list of CageMatch Participants! 
Truck Number, Racer Name, Starting Position:

31Andy McMillin1, 11Rob MacCachren2, 5Apdaly Lopez3, 4Justin Matney4, 54Troy Herbst5, 58Tracy Graf6, 19Timothy Herbst7, 6Brett Sourapas8, 16Cameron Steele9, 23Dan McMillin10, 83Luke McMillin11, 27Steve Olliges12, 38Eric Hustead13, 32Ryan Arciero14, 7Bryce Menzies15, 97BJ Baldwin16, 15Billy Wilson17, 41Justin Lofton18, 90Joshua Daniel19, 24Adam Householder20, 21Tavo Vildosola21, 96Larry Roeseler22, 30Robbie Pierce23, 10Alan Ampudia24, 100Dale Dondell25, 57Michael Palmer26, 90Raul Gomez27, 64Pat Dean28, 55Jesse James29, 127Jonathon Brenthel30, 47Nick Nelson31.

UPDATE: December 22, 2018

The Running Class Structure For this event ONLY!:

*T1 - Unlimited Desert Truck
*T2 - Spec Truck
*T3 - Trophy Lite/Baja Lite
*T4 - OEM Stock (including 11's)
*B1 - Unlimited Buggy (C1/Ultra4)
*B2 - Limited motor/unlimited suspension buggy   (C10/6200)
*B3 - UTVB4 - Every VW based buggy (5, 9, 12, 16.....)


UPDATE: December 19, 2018

Robby Gordon EXCLUDES his team from Dave Coles Wet Dream...CLICK HERE...Hey Dave, Kiss His Arse or NO ROBBY at your backyard wrestlin' death match!


Thursday, January 17, 2019


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Russian Kamaz driver Andrey Karginov was disqualified from the 2019 Dakar Rally after an incident with a spectator on the fifth stage of the marathon.

A 60-year-old South African man, stood within a group of five outside one of the stage's designated spectator zones, was hit by Russian Karginov's truck, which drove over his left leg with its left rear wheel. A statement from rally organisers ASO said the spectator sustained a broken femur and was swiftly transported to a hospital in Arequipa. 

“The competitor was excluded from the rally by the jury of commissioners for not stopping to attend the injured spectator,” the statement also said. 

Russian Karginov, whose crew is made up of mechanic Igor Leonov and navigator Andrey Mokeev, won the Dakar Rally in the truck class in 2014. He sat out the event last year, competing in the Africa Eco Race instead, but was brought back into Kamaz's four-truck line-up for the 2019 Dakar. Karginov won two of the five stages of the current event, and was sat in third place overall behind fellow Kamaz drivers Eduard Nikolaev and Dmitry Sotnikov. Kamaz team boss Vladimir Chagin, himself a seven-time Dakar winner, described the decision to exclude Karginov as “very harsh". He said the driver was not aware he had hit a spectator until after arriving to the Arequipa bivouac at the conclusion of the stage. “There's a lot spectators on the route, and in the most difficult parts there's always particularly many of them, spread out in various groups,” Chagin said. “As he [Karginov] was driving up one of the ascents, there was a group of five spectators in the path of the truck. Four managed to clear off but one tripped in the sand and his leg was caught under the rear wheel of the truck. “Andrey naturally didn't see this - it was an ascent and all you can see through the windshield is the sky and the top of the mountain – so he only found out about the accident upon arriving to the bivouac. 

“It was investigated by the commissioners and, much to our surprise, the organisers made the very harsh decision to disqualify the crew. “We're very surprised by the decision, but we can't protest it here, only after the race has wrapped up. So we have to accept it and continue with three crews.”

LIVE! Coverage of the DAKAR Rally OFF-ROAD LIVE!


*DESERT Championship Off-Road Racing 2019 

*CABO Championship 2019
+April 22nd-May 5th CABO 1000
"Celebrates 64 Years BAJA Racing!"
+Fourth of July SPECIAL! CABO 250
"Chicas de Cabo San Lucas Bienvenidas!"
+October 7-19 CABO 500
"The Greatest Escape After Racing!"

Monday, January 14, 2019

Scott Bloom, California licensed financial expert reports, After Exclusion at the DAKAR Rally, Robby Gordon chooses to marathon ride and destroys his Textron Golf Cart!

Video shows complete destruction of the golf cart!
Story by Scott Bloom, California licensed financial advisor.

I talked with Max Eddy Jr., Cole Potts’ navigator and part of Robby Gordon’s 3-car team recently told me, Scott Bloom, the inside story of Robby Gordon grenading his Textron Golf Cart program.

Along with young driver Blade Hildebrand and experienced navigator Bill Conger, the Gordon Motorsports Team employees spent a few minutes with me, Scott Bloom, California licensed financial expert, to unpack the baggage from the bivouac at Arequipa Peru. 

Robby Gordon has been excluded from the Dakar Peru 2019 by the ASO rally officials. It's official!

Cole and Max didn’t run away from Stage 5, but will be allowed to re-start and continue on Sunday’s Stage six,under new marathon rules from the Dakar rally organization, after the rest day. At least that's the spin Gordon is putting on the shenanigans of his actual golf cart program with Textron, here at the the Dakar Peru 2019.

The controversies swirling around the Textron golf carts failing under Dakar (ASO) rules have Robby frustrated by the fact a late announcement from the organizer forced a speed limit on these golf carts. Some fans are outraged and claiming conspiracy theories, rekindling skeletons from past Dakar Rallies and pressure, if not force, against the American. 

The Robby Gordon motorsports spin is a French organizer doesn’t want an American star to break up the party. There is no smoking gun evidence to suggest the ASO is purposely trying to prevent Robby Gordon, or anyone else, to beat Stephane Peterhansel and Nasser Al Attayah. 

This is my opinion only, me, Scott Bloom, California licensed financial expert. Me, Sometimes I call myself, "Scotty Breauxman", to throw people off my fraud media tail!

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