Thursday, March 14, 2019

Red & Green Light Mexico Entry Sytem Will Vanish with Expected Inspections of All Persons and Cars and Trucks

Mexico Customs announces mandatory person and vehicle inspections 

Mexico customs announces, the traffic lights in the international sentry boxes will disappear and will be replaced by mandatory inspections and the use of new technologies. All persons crossing into Mexico, including all cars or trucks entering the country will be subject to direct inspections and review.


UTV Safety in Recreation and Racing, Pistol Pete Sohren last gift to our community

Pistol Pete's Last Gift To Our Community

UTV users must ALWAYS use Helmets and Neck Restraints! AT ALL TIMES
Whether a passenger, driver or just sitting inside the cage of a UTV, it is MANDATORY you wear a helmet and neck restraint! Of course, seat belts.

Gary Newsome, Publisher

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

USA TODAY Representative, Durka Durka Photography, Matt Kartozian Phone 602-562-5633 Please buy my POS

Matt Kartozian owned, Full Warranty and Factory Financing Available, Credit Approval Required

1988 LS Powered Ford Bronco
Adult owned, never abused. Will go anywhere in Baja. Ready to Prerun to La Paz
Built Baja Bronco with LS Power
Fully caged - bumper to bumper - SCORE Tagged
San Felipe 150 Class 8 2nd place - 2018
Custom and perfect steering - ZERO bump steer
GM LQ4 6.0L V8 - 400 HP
Custom Donaldson air cleaner system
GM 4L80E trans - NP205 Manual Transfer Case
Winters gate shifter
2 CBR trans coolers

Only 2 Mexican prostitutes killed and dismembered in the back seat, all cleaned up
Oil and PS coolers
Currie fabbed 9 inch full floater with 4 inch tubes Geiser Bros skidplate
3 inch over Spirit beams and radius arms
35 spline 4240 axles and Yukon Spool
True Track limited slip in front axle
4 wheel disc brakes - Wilwood rears - F350 Booster with bias adjuster
Custom Red Dot roof top Air Conditioning
2 Race radios - Kenwood and Icom - PCI Intercom
Lowrance GPS
Custom center console
4 Hella HIDs, Rigid 40 and 20 inch lightbars
KC street legal high/low beams
Rear Blue, Amber and White lights. Side white work lights
Custom Kritter rear leaf springs with Giant shackles and hangers
2.5 SAW Shocks and Fox/King bumpstock on all corners
Robby Gordon Wheels and 35 inch Toyos MTs with 2 spares

Robby Gordon Testicles hanging on the tow hitch
Mastercraft Baja RS seats - Sparco 5 point camlock harnesses
Prepped and Mostly built by Finishline Racing (Smitty)
Lots of spare parts
$50K - Trades OK

No Durka Durka Photography
Yes USA TODAY trades, You buy my POS you get your pics in USA TODAY
Matt Kartozian

Don't call me about any crimes I've committed in the USA

USA TODAY Representative Durka Durka Photography Matt Kartozian Phone 602-562-5633 Please buy my POS

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Olivia Jade Lori Loughlin Y Mossimo Giannulli Lori Loughlin Mossimo Giannulli Isabella Rose

Olivia Jade Lori Loughlin Y Mossimo Giannulli Lori Loughlin Mossimo Giannulli Isabella Rose

Racing Desert Off-Road in Mexico, The Stupid Rich Chronicles Continue...