Saturday, March 23, 2019

Baja South Racer Octavio Olivas Killed Truck Accident

Dateline: Ciudad Constitution, Baja South, Mexico- a violent truck overturning occurred at two o'clock this Saturday, March 23 at the height of kilometer 27 of the road north to Insurgentes, as a point of reference, in the junction of the ranch.

At the arrival of the paramedics of the emergency group and rescue of Comondú (Gerco), they had the view of a vehicle pick up for off road, which had previously given several cartwheels on the asphalt of the highway.

First official reports indicate the victim was not wearing safety belts, nor any other safety equipment.

In the driver's seat, with half body out, there was the inert body of the driver. The driver presented no vital signs. According to witnesses, the victim was the famous motorsports personality  
Comundeño Octavio "The Monkey" Olvias, who is very dear in the region, given the outstanding activity he had as an off road racer. 

"Octavio Olivas "El mono", the off-road community of Comondú is in mourning. Our deepest condolences to the Olivas family for the irreparable loss of their family member Octavio Olivas, belonging to the sport of Baja South desert racing. Thank you for the trust you had us! 

Octavio will always be remembered with the enthusiasm he had by telling us the improvements he wanted to do to his racing truck." 
Toto's Racing report.

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