Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Another DNF 'Did Not Finish' Shames fabricator Savvy Off-Road and DNF Dave Cole at 2019 SCORE Baja 500 2019, how much embarassment can the JEEP Gladiator, MOPAR, FIA take?

The fabricator of this POS, Savvy Off-Road, DNF Dave Cole are embarrassing themselves with this JEEP Gladiator Fail on wheels, after the second failure to finish a simple baja racing event

Gary Newsome, Publisher 
Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

The real question is, how much failure can Jeep, the Jeep Gladiator team and FIA take, while we watch this Savvy Off-Road (the shop) and DNF Dave Cole abortion roll to shit dump after shit dump at Baja racing events in Mexico?

Maybe they don't get it?

Here in Baja, we don't put up with the grab ass like you whiteys do in the States.

A Tijuana fab-shop does a better job, EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR, compared with that Piece of Mierda floating down from So-Cal during the recent SCORE races.

No jive man, a Tijuana fab-shop does a better job! One Baja-savvy fabricator called Coles Jeep Gladiator SCORE entry "shockingly frail".

A brand new vehicle from the factory, a JEEP Gladiator. GIVEN to Savvy off road, given new equipment. And you can't finish the tiniest race event in Baja California, the San Felipe 250? Nor the easiest Baja 500 in years? 

Yes, Easy! JEEP gives you a BRAND NEW vehicle. Savvy gives you all the equipment to 'race in Baja'.

The Tijuana guys say, "What a wasted gift!".

However, this is in line with DNF Dave Cole.
The "King of Hammers" finish was vaunted as an accomplishment for the rig. Why didn't it show up at Dave's Flippy Little Joke in Mexico?

El Princesa of the little sand hill at San Felo!
Rat Pack Time! desert racing community, underground, culture, whatever the midgets are selling it today!

Why? Because Dave wants to run with the big dogs in Mex,
 in a FREE ride! 

Dude, has he blown his cover or what!!!

The MINT 400 race tracking fail, now the 250 & 500 FAILS. Ouch.

Not flying under the radar here.

Lets look closer at the tracking fail with the Martelli Midgets. CLICKY.

Now, the Tijuana fab guys dissing DNF Dave's, "I'm going to Baja, to be the King!" This might be the best laugh your'e ever going to get reading on BajaRacingNews.com

The 250, DNF. The recent 500 DNF. What is this project, a travelogue for the less than adequate?

We started our coverage at this years, San Felipe 250. CLICKY.