Wednesday, July 03, 2019

HOT Ladies Offroad Network Whew! Thats A Relief! Welcome!


Welcome! To the Official Launch of the HOT Ladies Offroad Network!

Isn't time we call out the REAL problem with off-road? 
Butt Ugly Bitches! Our solution? and Jesse James have teamed up and kicked out the Bitches and are now calling up what the Off-Road Nation Needs! HOT Ladies! 

Remember the website The Baja Unlimited .com?
CLICK HERE It's a little different today CLICK HERE

Whew! That's A Relief!

Baja Racing News LIVE! EXCLUSIVE TOP Guns Guns Guns In Mexico

**Who Are The TOP GUNS IN Desert Off-Road Racing In 
BAJA Mexico Today???**

No, It's NOT Jesse James 
(Pictured in Video above), 
The Pussy Ass Bitch Of The USA! 
He drives through the streets of Ensenada Mexico and almost kills...

Here are the Current Standings
in the DESERT Championship Off-Road Racing 2019 CLICKY 

Justin Lofton is one of the Top Guns...
Justin Lofton Ah-Beef Racing Team, self proclaimed, "Mr. Mint"

 Justin is the Ah-Beef Team, from Imperial County. Justin has called himself, 'Mr. Mint', after winning three Mint races.

The most race wins by a single racer in the history of the event.

Lofton races in the BITD and SCORE series.


Andrew McMillin is one of the Top Guns, his McMillin Realty Racing Team is from San Diego.

A group of racers are associated with the real estate family, all McMillin family members. Brothers Scott and Mark and family former leader, Corky McMillin.

Andrew races in the BITD and SCORE series.

TOYO Tires Red Bull Athlete Andrew McMillin tests his new Mason Motorsports All Wheel Drive Trophy Truck today at Plaster City recently

Who's NEXT???

**Who Are The OLD COWS IN Desert Off-Road Racing In Mexico Today???**

Like Curt LeDuc, pictured here in Baja Mexico drunk and getting his truck damaged and risking others

Way out of talent Curt LeDUCK with the rest of Desert Asses What is that boulder with a wig he's with? JaJaJa

Oh Yeah, he's Sponsored! To Drink

Thanks to SCam Steele, who took the video, we have documented proof of how the old baja racers need to be put down. SCam said it himself tofriends, "this is how we'll embarassment him not to come with us next time, I'm tired of his drunken antics". 

Tuesday, July 02, 2019

Baja Safari SPECIAL EVENT from Atacama Desert LIVE! South America
      2020 Love Rally! CLICK HERE

Baja Racing Center UPDATE! "Is the most Wild-West, Knarly, Crazy Racing!"

Baja Racing Center UPDATE!  CLICK HERE

Dave Cole: "Yeah, I told each of the people I called, 'You're the last position I have, they bought each one'", that's how off-road business is done, Lie, Lie, Lie!

Baja Racing "Is the most Wild-West, Knarly, Crazy Racing in the World!" 
Mr. Andrew McMillin
Baja Racing News LIVE!

Monday, July 01, 2019

CABO 250 Pre-Run with OFF-ROAD LIVE! Fourth of July USA Weekend!

Official CABO 250 Hospitality Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos Courtesia: OFF-ROAD LIVE!


OFF-ROAD LIVE! From Lands End, Baja South Mexico- 

"The extraordinary natural settings and wonderful people of Baja California Sur have been key to the success of the tourism industry, not only is it one of the most important sun and beach destinations in the country; It also has firmly positioned itself within the sports segment, the passion of Off Road", said Secretary of Tourism, Economy and Sustainability, Luis Humberto Araiza López. 

After announcing that Los Cabos is ready for the race "Cabo 250", which will start on July 20 with the contingency in the Plaza San Lucas from 16:00 hours, while the the competitors will be out on Sunday, July 21, starting at 6 AM and the awards celebration will take place that same day in the aforementioned Plaza, at 7:30 PM.

Fam trips to the new hotel and Pre-Running for the event starts at the Hard Rock Hotel Los Cabos with OFF-ROAD LIVE! during the Fourth of July USA Weekend.

Successful OFF-ROAD LIVE! events in Los Cabos, Sr. Araiza López highlighted "BCS has become one of the favorite places for professionals to carry out this kind of sport. The great director continued, OFF-ROAD Sports are a great benefit for the tourism sector and local commerce, as they bring together thousands of fans".

He also pointed out, "the great promotion of the Los Cabos Destination receives globally within this market, since many of these skills are followed by the international media, remembering racing motorsports as the DAKAR Rally, Desert Classic Motring Club and the Daytona 500, among others. Finally, Luis Araiza invited the Southern Californian community to enjoy this event!"