Thursday, October 10, 2019

Mike Pearlman accused of defrauding investor of at least $50,000 US!

Baja Racing News EXCLUSIVE!
By Gary Newsome, Publisher

UPDATED! October 10, 2019

We'll cover this weekends Mexican 500,
however, no names and forgettable vehicles are involved in this money grab by Pearlman.

2013 attempt at the same event.

2013 Mexican 500 falls flat on its face, no 500 is attempted again until this year, 2019.

However, there is one thing worth reporting...

Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Who's NEXT? Cameron Steele and Friends

Pictured, left to right, the late Jimmy Smith w/baseball cap, Harry Crosby in the middle, David kook Kier.

In the photo above, Jimmy Smith is pictured. Jimmy and the author of this article were agreed on several important topics.

As one of the original Baja racers, Jimmy had a wealth of experiences with various travelers to Baja Mexico.

Jimmy Smith never liked the kook, David Kier. He is pictured above reacting to being photographed with the kook, David Kier. He did not like being pictured with David, he had zero respect for Mr. Kier, for very good reason.*

Harry never liked being photographed with the kook, David Kier. Look at his face!!!

*Stay tuned, Jimmy said much more about the kooks activities and blabberings...

More on Frank DeAngelo, Stay Tuned>>>

BFGoodrich Tires, Jackson Motorsports Frank DeAngelo (genocide partner) modern European representative for taking money and leaving dead bodies in Mexico.

Spain called it "colonization to convert souls". In actuality, it was death and destruction for the benefit of the rich of Europe. 

Genocide is a well known story of
Baja California, Mexico.