Tuesday, December 03, 2019

FORD Bronco Truck SUV Emergency EXPOSED!

Ford Motor Company Breaking Over Public Information of their Bronco Racing Prototype Failure at the recent Baja 1000 2019

By: Gary Newsome, Publisher 

UPDATE! Bronco-R Baja 1000 2019
Team Manager, Johnny Campbell resume is falsified!  

BajaRacingNews.com EXCLUSIVE! 
Confirmed the resume citation, "Johnny Campbell finished first motorcycle position for a privateer (1st privateer) in the 2001 rally", is false. 

The first motorcycle position for a privateer moto rider finisher was the Spanish KTM moto rider, Isidre Esteve, who finished Fourth Overall.

Campbell, who finished Eighth Overall, received Honda support. Merely not mentioning Honda support is one thing, but to claim the first rider as a privateer (1st privateer) moto rider in the 2001 Dakar Rally is a serious falsehood.

We've noticed Johnny has distributed this falsehood far and wide, to be included in his 'Hall of Fame' induction application. He also mentioned the falsehood (1st privateer) in the FORD Bronco-R Baja 1000 2019 information brochure to the media.

Ford Performance public relations employees scramble to respond to reports of the Baja 1000 Bronco failure making its way to Wall Street.

Cameron Steele, the Desert Assassins and hokey fabrication shop owner, now answering for the management of the DNF, Did Not Finish Bronco-R.

Cameron Steele displays his dildos. Not his wifes, Heidi Steele dildos.

Ford's mission was merely to finish, and in turn give the stock engine, transmission and four-wheel-drive system a test in Baja Mejico. To that end, the Baja 1000 was a unqualified failure. The production parts, the transmission crapped out. The rest of the truck? Failed even to finish. 

The fake "hit by a trophy truck" reports, have been proven to be false. No member of the Ford Performance team, Camerons rag-tag mess and the 'legend' racers associated with the effort have identified any facts.

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