Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Guerlain Chicherit of the Republic of Mexico's Baja Safari at Qiddiya Saudi Arabia Grand Prix Events on Friday, January 17 LIVE! ONLINE here at Baja Racing News LIVE! California Solutions

 Event Coverage UPDATE: January 14, 2020

Extreme E’s electric SUV, ODYSSEY 21, will appear and compete LIVE! ONLINE at the DAKAR Rally 2020 in support of the Mexico company's program of ongoing commitment called California Solutions, to alternative energy solutions. 

Multi-discipline off-road racer Guerlain Chicherit of the Republic of Mexico's  
Baja Safari will be at the wheel!

California Solutions

UPDATED January 12, 2020
DAKAR Explains Green Racing Program

UPDATE! #2021 Spotted at STAGE 4
January 8, 2020


DRIVES Extreme E E-SUV at 
Dakar Rally-Raid!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Baja Safari Qiddiya Trophy Qiddiya Grand Prix

***Baja Safari Qiddiya Trophy
Events Set for Friday Stage 12, January 17***

*The Qiddiya Grand Prix on January 17 – 
The final 20 kilometers Special Stage that wraps up the incredible LIVE! DAKAR 2020 –   An entire field of e-competitors of electric and hybrid cars, motorbikes and trucks compete
to determine the winner of the 

"Baja Safari Qiddiya Trophy!"

*DAKAR 2020 LIVE! Event Finish 1-17-2020 QIDDIYA*

Qiddiya Grand Prix featured in last leg of DAKAR 2020

Saudi Dakar to feature in last leg of Saudi Dakar Riyadh, KSA.

Qiddiya will host a special final stage race – the Qiddiya Grand Prix – as part of the last day of Saudi Dakar 2020. The Kingdom’s future capital of Entertainment, Sports and the Arts will be the venue for a final 20km battle for the drivers who manage to finish the main rally.

Baja Safari Qiddiya Trophy will go to the fastest eRacer!

Five trophies, one for each category of Saudi Dakar, will be awarded to the drivers who complete the race around the Qiddiya site in the best time. Qiddiya’s CEO, Mike Reininger commented, “Not only are we proud to host the podium celebrations for this world-renowned rally, but to have a special Qiddiya Grand Prix Trophy as part of this final day is unique and cements our commitment to being part of the Kingdom’s motorsport ecosystem. For us, the Rally Dakar is just the beginning as we start to create the Motorsports capital of the world at Qiddiya. Earlier, we released the Dakar anthem, “Million Miles”, sung by Hamza Hawsawi – X Factor MENA winner – in celebration of the Rally. It embodies inspiration as well as characteristics that are important to both the Rally and Qiddiya.”

The final day, stage 12, of the world’s toughest endurance race will see the rally drivers cross the rough terrain, from Haradh towards the Qiddiya site, with the last 100km pushing navigators to their limits as they conclude their 7,500km journey.

The podium ceremony for the 2020 Rally and for the Qiddiya Grand Prix will be held in front of Qiddiya’s iconic cliff. Spectators will then be treated to a spectacular show where Hawsawi will perform his new single live as part of the spectacular finale concert filled with surprises and special guest artists that promises to wrap up the inaugural Saudi Dakar Rally and Qiddiya’s hosting participation in grand style. “Million Miles” is all about drive and determination, and aims to inspire people to take initiative, reach for the stars and achieve their dreams, just like the drivers participating in Dakar 2020. The lyrics are about creating a legacy and having a story to tell years from now.

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